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    For order status information or other assistance with an order you have already placed with the Maserati Online Technical Bookstore, please click on the Help System link in the menu and submit a help request. You must be logged into your account to access the Help System.

  1. U.S. Sales Only
  2. The Maserati Online Technical Bookstore only sells subscription materials to the United States possessions and territories.

  3. Refund Policy
  4. All questions regarding Maserati Online Technical Bookstore policies need to be directed

  5. Payment Methods

  6. Credit Card

    At the time your order is placed, Maserati North America, Inc. obtains a pre-approval from the credit card company for the amount of the order. Credit card billing occurs when your subscription is activated. The Maserati Online Technical Bookstore accepts Visa and MasterCard only.

    NOTE: We are unable to accept credit cards issued by banks outside of the United States, Debit cards, check cards, cashier's checks or wire transfers.

  7. Prices
  8. The Maserati Online Technical Bookstore endeavors to offer you competitive prices on products. Maserati North America, Inc. reserves the right to change prices for products displayed at the Maserati Online Technical Bookstore at any time.

  9. Product Availability
  10. This website provides access to factory authorized service and parts information used by Maserati dealers. New information is added as it becomes available.

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